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This show promises quality foolery. Comedy, music, storytelling, dance, and more surprises than a giant Snipperwillow. And we all know how surprising those are!

April Foolery

Sat. April 1, 2017 at 7:32pm 

First Unitarian, 170 Dundurn St South, Hamilton

The second annual, first-of-its-kind, April Fool’s Day celebration is an absurdist variety show with an emphasis on audience emancipation. 

Like the jesters of old, the modern fool is an outlier of the best kind, and April Foolery brings together leading practitioners of this pure indie-art, jesters whose songs and capers wipe away worries, bubble up laughter and reveal some heart-felt truths.

In recognition of the immensely positive role creativity has as both a treatment and a benefit of good mental health, proceeds from our show are supporting local mental health organizations.

We invite you to loosen your ties and enjoy an evening of unadulterated fun with us! Come! Unshackle yourself from your notion of normal and ... Free Your Fool!


The Story

Mr. Meister is the mascot for April Fool's Day.  

He comes from a rather off-kilter world where he used to be the court jester for a maniacal, power-hungry king.

After thwarting one of the king's evil plots (mind control, yadda yadda yadda), Mr. Meister fled the kingdom and reinvented himself as a globe-trotting jester on a mission to save the world from taking itself too seriously.

In order to do this, he searches for like-minded fools around the globe. He knows there are countless creative souls like him who may not ‘fit in’, but whose latent brilliance needs to be shared.

With the help of his jester collective, Mr. Meister works like a reverse Santa Clause.  He'll pop into your life wherever and whenever he chooses, and rather than give you a gift, he inspires a gift from you. His foolish antics will spark your creativity, which furthers his message:  We need to express ourselves otherwise the powers that rule us may bring us down. 

Every April Fool's Day, Mr. Meister brings new fools to join him for a celebration of ruckus revelry. One night to stand strong against oppressive forces like 'logic', 'small talk', and 'conservative fashion'. This is a party hinged on absurdity and crazy wisdom, a festival that’s designed to inspire all in attendance to get in touch with their own brand of creativity.

The king is still in hot pursuit.  But that won't stop Mr. Meister from owning April Fool's Day so he can laugh, eat pickles, and trade socks with you. 


Who is the show for?

Everyone.  By virtue of being human, everyone is creative, and this show is designed to bring the playfulness out in each of us ~ a pleasure we all-too-often don't allow ourselves ~ and yet is paramount for our mental health. April Foolery is a young-at-heart event that ages 10 yrs + will enjoy; families are encouraged to bring their children because well, that's just good parenting. Additionally, care-givers, people living with mental health issues, and health professionals of any age/demographic would find this show an enjoyable release.


Who do we support? 

We donate our proceeds to suitable mental health organizations, such as St. Joseph’s Foundation Hamilton, who we believe promote mental health treatment through creative innovation. We are currently seeking funding and/or sponsorship support to help further realize this project.  Our budget is currently quite modest, though, with the support of the community, we aim to call this April Fool’s Celebration a Hamilton Ontario original, and aspire to bring the new tradition to wider audiences across Canada.

Where's the idea from?

Cartoonist, speaker, and educator Harrison Wheeler (HAW!) is kind of jester obsessed. Click his logo to learn how his novel, cartoons, and mental health advocacy blend into this new and exciting Hamilton community tradition.