Harrison A Wheeler (HAW!) has created a "jester universe" that already lives in the hearts of many.  Born from his sketchbooks, they became a novel, a one-man show, and are evolving into bigger milestones on stage, in film, and beyond!


In early 2013, Harrison completed his first novel, Jesters Incognito. This is a story he lived with for over 20 years, through his suicidal lows and euphoric highs.  The funny thing is...it's a comedy!  It tells the story of one modern jester's triumph over media oppression in a dystopian world, a metaphor for the author's own creative triumph over illness.

"CREATIVITY CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!" Harrison Wheeler is comedian/cartoonist advocate for mental health. This award-winning show is a bombastic celebration of Harrison's recovery from mental health and addictions. Using character comedy woven between video storytelling, Jesters Incognito continues to enthral and inspire audiences. It is the perfect show for conferences, festivals, and benefit shows alike.