NOTE: The 2018 April Foolery Show has been cancelled. This is NOT a joke! We apologize for getting you all excited again, but be sure we'll return in 2019 for another thrilling spectacle!  Thanks for your over understanding.

Watch the Documentary Trailer!

We are currently working alongside Indian Grove Productions, a film and television production company, in the process of producing a documentary about the rich story behind April Foolery.  The film will follow a band of ‘jesters’ and myself as we build our mental health and creativity movement, lobbying for a private member’s bill hearing to legally declare April 1st as a national holiday celebrating mental wellness and creativity. A key component of this documentary is to film the process of our team lobbying for the holiday designation. We plan to shoot the stages of our preparation and execution of the request, witnessing as we march towards Parliament Hill on the day of the bill hearing. 

The date of April 1st, widely acknowledged as April Fool’s Day, is not presently recognized as a public holiday in Canada. Through the development of this hugely popular live show, we propose to designate a national holiday on April 1st as a platform to promote mental health awareness. We are a dedicated team that is lobbying to enact a private members bill, and we are reaching out in the hopes of gaining your support.

There are countless Canadians suffering in silence with mental health issues due to the stigmas society has placed. Further, growing evidence suggests that holistic, community-based creative therapies are clinically successful in treating both acute conditions and those in advance of worsening.  Our belief is that April Fool’s Day, already universally recognized, can serve as a powerful platform to break down stigmas and create influential dialogue. By making April 1st an occasion to recognize the tremendous contribution that laughter, humour, creativity, and community bring towards mental wellness, this valuable, life-saving perspective can be added to the growing conversation.

Alongside a troupe of performers, all of whom personally resonate with the cause, we represent how we have succeeded at finding better balance and a way to function ‘normally’ in society by releasing our creative spirit. Expression through music, poetry, comedy, writing, photography, sculpting, dance, spoken word, and storytelling are brought to the stage with humour.  Through seeing the wide array of people that have already been positively affected by the message of this showcase, it’s evident that there is a strong market of Canadians that could benefit from this awareness initiative. 

Jesters are agents of change.  They using creativity to transform their supposed disability into an ability. Those abilities allow for innovative expression and unique engagement with the world.

Surprise yourself! Celebrate Mental Health! 

Creative Director,

Harrison Wheeler


Who is the show for?

Everyone.  By virtue of being human, everyone is creative, and this show is designed to bring the playfulness out in each of us ~ a pleasure we all-too-often don't allow ourselves ~ and yet is paramount for our mental health. April Foolery is a young-at-heart event that ages 10 yrs + will enjoy; families are encouraged to bring their children because well, that's just good parenting. Additionally, care-givers, people living with mental health issues, and health professionals of any age/demographic would find this show an enjoyable release.


Who do we support? 

We donate our proceeds to suitable mental health organizations, such as St. Joseph’s Foundation Hamilton, who we believe promote mental health treatment through creative innovation. We are currently seeking funding and/or sponsorship support to help further realize this project.  Our budget is currently quite modest, though, with the support of the community, we aim to call this April Fool’s Celebration a Hamilton Ontario original, and aspire to bring the new tradition to wider audiences across Canada.

Where's the idea from?

Cartoonist, speaker, and educator Harrison Wheeler (HAW!) is kind of jester obsessed. Click his logo to learn how his novel, one-man show and mental health advocacy blend into this new and exciting Hamilton community tradition. 


This show promises quality foolery. Comedy, music, storytelling, dance, and more surprises than a giant Snipperwillow. And we all know how surprising those are!

The third annual, first-of-its-kind, April Fool’s Day celebration is an absurdist variety show with an emphasis on audience emancipation. 

Like the jesters of old, the modern fool is an outlier of the best kind, and April Foolery brings together leading practitioners of this pure indie-art, jesters whose songs and capers wipe away worries, bubble up laughter and reveal some heart-felt truths.

In recognition of the immensely positive role creativity has as both a treatment and a benefit of good mental health, proceeds from our show are supporting local mental health organizations.

We invite you to loosen your ties and enjoy an evening of unadulterated fun with us! Come! Unshackle yourself from your notion of normal and ... Free Your Fool!