Jesters 2017

A jester unemployed is nobodys fool.
— Danny Kaye


She works at the dump. She sings songs at the dump. She's hilarious.

The Plaidiators 

They come from Planet Plaid. They improvise their way through the universe. They've got GREAT fashion sense! 

Dr. RiotNrrd VonFinklestein III

He's a doctor. He's a rebel. He sings songs that may or may not save your life.

Big Loo The Sound Hunter

Give him a toilet. Give him antlers. Wherever there is sound, he'll find it.


Clowns and jesters are of the same ilk, you know. Clown Whooshla is thrilled to be a part of the Night of April Fools, a special time for her to connect with the Gods; a task she takes Very Seriously. Sincere thanks to Mister Meister, who I know can't wait to get down with the clown. :) Whooshla!


Nice Cream Cone

This jester is a trickster and a real shapeshifter, recently jailed for being too talented. Temporarily trapped in cat form, he dreams of one day laying down some rhythmic beats while laughing at you unabashedly.

Kevin Fakeson

Trick Bag

He's got a big bag. Of tricks. His favourite trick is to play the bass.

Roland Moat

He's a fool infatuated with fright. And comedy. A jester so funny, it's scary.




Part hippy. Part gypsy. She'll play the violin in the meadow while eating sauerkraut.

Leo Dragtoe

Leo Dragtoe is an urbanized hermit who stumbles through life and tries his best to laugh about it. His music is a part of him. It's very good. He told me so himself.


Salsa Soul Sisters

We met at company barbecue.  People were cooking their food off the heat of the dance floor! Happy Spicy Dance Time! 

Shenanigan O'Toole

A retired Irish school teacher. A drunken storyteller. His comedy will take you places he's never been. 


Parks 'N Rec & Hammer City Samba!

Blastin' big and bumping Afro-Brazilian grooves rooted in samba, funk, and hip-hop beat sensibilities, these percussion-fools makes people move! Visit: Hammer City Samba

A dishevelled call centre worker from the year 1923.  After decades of rejection, he's transforming his low self-esteem into comedy gold!